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Originally known as Morey Haigh and Associates, the company was founded by Mr Douglas Haigh way back in 1970. We began small with a solid business plan and found immediate success through three fundamental criteria, product range, price and most importantly service. We began manufacturing battery terminals and cables and as the company grew, so did our reputation.

We soon diversified by adding a selected range of automotive accessories and quickly recognised the growing interest towards these kind of lines. Products that returned a solid gross profit did not escape the notice of retailers and sales surged ahead. Building on the success achieved during the seventies, in 1982 the company moved to larger premises in Scoresby, Victoria. Soon after, things turned tough with fuel shortages, wharf strikes and the recession. These were both positive and negative times for the company. The survival years as they were called gave way to future hope and by the early 1990’s sales had grown robustly. In a strategic move that would dramatically expand the company’s business, we purchased the manufacturing operations of Sunland Dashmats, located in Brisbane Queensland.

In 1993 after buying out the Morey group some years earlier, it was decided that a name changed was needed. The company was to be called Haigh Australia Pty Ltd. Continued growth opened new opportunities for the company and by the year 2000 it began to recognise the need to establish brands than continue to trade exclusively with Haigh only packaging. What began was a period of continuous, comprehensive restructuring that embraced every aspect of the business which created some of our most popular brands such as Battery Link, Cargo Mate & Orcon. While we are always on the lookout for new and exciting products, we still keep those old favourites that you have come to rely on.

In 2001 the company relocated its operations to the outer Brisbane suburb of Darra where we began the difficult task of combining the manufacturing and wholesaling arms under the one roof. The first twelve months were very difficult, but it was an astute decision that has led to remarkable improvements in both quality & productivity. It allowed us to broaden our marketplace, even further, which at the time was largely domestic.

In 2005 we acquired the Protective Plastics operation located on the Sunshine Coast just north of Brisbane Queensland. Now, after nearly a decade of continued growth and improvements in quality and production techniques, the brand is now a market leader in the manufacture and supply of headlight & bonnet protectors, weathershields & dust deflectors for the automotive aftermarket.

In 2011 the company embarked on an expansion program which involved the relocation of its Sunland dashmat production to a purpose built facility nearby to allow for greater capacity at our Darra base. We broadened our scope in a major way by introducing a range of products targeted at the leisure sector primarily the caravan & camping markets. This was quickly followed by our entry into the world of 4WD recovery equipment where the Mean Mother 4X4 brand was born. This category continues to grow in popularity thanks to our focus on quality products at a competitive price.


We continue to build and expand on our strong position within the automotive and leisure marketplace. We plan to make improvements in every aspect of our business and our value based strategies aid us in continuing to pursue acquisitions that bring both stability and flexibility to the company. The future looks very bright for us as we seek to lead the market for many years to come.

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