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4WD Air Compressor

Product No: AC695
Brand: Dr Air

The award-winning AC495 PRO-FLOW air compressor from Dr Air has been recently upgraded from 150 LPM to 180 LPM. Now called the AC695, it is designed for serious off-road use, weighing in at a massive five kilograms, so this is one tough unit with heaps of grunt. It has all the same great features from the previous model such as thermal overload and circuit breaker protection. The 180 LPM easily Inflates a large 275/70R16 4WD tyre 0 to 42 PSI in under 3.5 minutes

Specially designed for serious off road users

  • 8 metre rubber hose
  • Screw on tyre value - allows for hands free inflation
  • 50mm diameter in-line gauge calibrated in kPa and PSI
  • Inflates large 275/70R16 4WD tyre 0 to 42 PSI in under 3.5 minutes
  • Inflates average 215/55R16 tyre 0 to 42 PSI in just over 1.5 minutes
  • Quick release connector
  • Inbuilt circuit breaker and switch
  • 2.4m 12V power cable with heavy duty battery clips
  • Assorted inflating nozzles
  • Metal sand tray
  • Sturdy carry handle
  • Storage bag with zipper

aircompressor tip

light bulb note Some air compressors may look the same but most can't offer the performance and reliability of our Dr Air Compressors. Our units have been fully tested and we quote free air delivery volumes so it's easy to compare 'apples with apples. Our factories source premium components that have proven to provide extremely reliable compressors.